Monday, April 23, 2007

Just cruising along...

So, I guess I was wrong. It's not that she was not so interested in walking but rather her mummy did not provided her with the space to walk! DUH! Over the weekend, we decided to allow Laetitia more freedom in the apartment. She used to be confined to her playing area in her room. We finally allowed her to crawl around the hallway and the living room. And boy did she enjoy herself.

And it was then that I realised she did enjoy cruising up and down the hallway with her pusher toy. Here's my little baby going down the hall towards mummy and then back up towards her papa. She was having SO MUCH fun.

"Mummy! I'm coming to get you!"

And of course it is still fun to climb onto the toy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy Laetitial

Happened to stumble upon this blog. Veri interesting.. Ur ger is such a sweetie pie.

The walker is so cool. May I know what is the brand?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra

The walker looks so fun but I am from Singapore. Do they do international shipping? Feel like getting one for my 10mth old gal. :)

Mummy Dora

Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy Dora,

I don't think they ship to Singapore. :(


Anonymous said...

Hi Mummy Sandra

Went Paragon shoppin and happened to pass by this shop and BINGO!! .. they have the same walker there. The brand is ELC.

Just to share with u :)