Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Climbing, reading....

So, my little one seems to be totally uninterested in walking. Hmmmm..... She got her walking toy (a present from Auntie Jaimie) before her birthday and though I have been trying to get her interested in using it to help her to learn to walk, she is totally not interested. Instead, the toy is MUCH more fun when it is used as a climbing object. She just loves to climb onto the toy. She now has numerous bruises on her right leg (I will attempt to take some photos soon) as she would use it to support her body weight as she climbs onto the toy. Below is a photo of her just after she descended (I was not fast enough getting the camera) and her giving me a sheepish grin. She does stand very well on her own so I guess I'll just not be an overly competitive mummy worrying about when she would walk and compares her with her peers.

Updated: Bruise pic.

On a different note, Laetitia loves to be read to (obviously she does not and cannot read by herself yet) and enjoys flipping though her books. It could be that I have cultivated that habit in her by reading to her all the time since she was born. Now every morning, while she is having her breakfast, I would read two to three books with her and sometimes continue with some flash cards. It helps to entertain her while she is being fed. Her favourite right now is "The very hungry caterpillar". I would read the book and do the baby sign for caterpillar (finger crawling up the arm) and she would repeat the sign (but do it on my arm instead of hers) and laugh loudly when I exclaim "AH caterpillar!".

Just yesterday she received four board books in the post. They were presents from Auntie Carol(Foo) and Auntie Elin. Thank you both so much for the books. I'm looking forward to reading them to her. In fact, she loves board books so much that one of the caregivers in her garderie (daycare) made it a note to mention to me that she loves flipping through the books and that I should get her some. Hahaha, she did not know that Laetitia already has a very decent collection of books and it's increasing. I hope she will continue to enjoy books (either being read to or eventually reading them herself).

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