Tuesday, November 28, 2006

She sat on her own!!!

Today at exactly 2.15pm (or thereabouts), Laetitia managed to get into a sitting position on her own for the FIRST TIME! Yippeeee Lae Lae.

Lae is currently sick. She was running a fever last night, was vomitting and has diarrhoea. My poor baby. I spent the entire night with her sleeping on the guest bed in her room as she was feeling very uncomfortable and would cry whenever I put her back in her cot. Anyways, today she has been a little clingy and I spent most of the time with her on my bed.

As we were preparing to take her nap on my bed, she was playing around and I noticed that she was trying to get into a sitting position from her belly. She tried for a couple of times and then WALAH! She did it! I was so excited that I broke out into loud claps and shouts of "BRAVO LAE LAE". She was so pleased with herself she started laughing. :-) I immediately called her papa and told him of her achievement. Heehee... what a proud mummy I am.

On a side note, I pray that she will recover soon. It breaks my heart to see her so sick. Then again, I have to say that Lae is such a cheerful baby, even when she is sick, she is still smiling most of the time. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Definitely an achievement! Well done Laetitia! Get better soon! =(