Thursday, August 23, 2007

Overly attached?

So, we are settling down well back in Paris. Laetitia got back into her routine within 2 days. The only problem we have, the way I see it, is that she is becoming WAY TOO attached to me. It's Mummy, Mummy all day long. Even in the middle of the night when she wakes up briefly, she is calling for me. It is sweet and at the same time, a little worrying. I hope this is but a phrase that she is going through. This weekend she will be going to my parents in law in the south of France while I leave for Florence with my friend Jaimie who is here on holiday. I hope she will be able to adapt well to being without her parents (especially her mummy). I know she will be well taken care of by her grandparents. It is more about her being fussy and difficult that I am concerned about. Of course I am keeping my fingers crossed that this would help ease her strong attachment to me instead of reinforcing it (which was probably what happened after I got back to Singapore from my Vietnam trip). We will see.

On the other hand, in terms of her development, she is progressing very fast with her language skills. She has no problems speaking in short sentences and can converse in both French and English. She knows to be polite, e.g "Please, Mummy", "Non, merci", "Bonjour Madame". She can count from one to four e.g when I go "One" she will continue with "two"... She recognises and names most of the items on the alphabet list including my favourite "umbrella" which she pronounces in the most adorable way. My mum was telling me that when I was away in Vietnam, Laetitia was taking her stroy books and "reading" them to her! My mum even asked me if there was something about a lady putting her fingers to her lips telling someone to be quiet as that was what Laetitia did when "reading" one of the books. And there is! In one of Laetitia's bedtime story books, "Goodnight Moon", there is a "quiet old lady whispering hush".

She sure is growing up fast.

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