Monday, September 17, 2007

ABC time.

I realised I have been posting less recently and that is because I do not spend as much time with Laetitia anymore. She is off to daycare all week from 1pm to 7pm. She is doing well at daycare, eating her teabreak all by herself, taking naps and playing nicely with her friends.

During the mornings that we do spend together, we would mostly play with her toys and do some educational activities such as going through some flashcards. Yes, I know, she is not even one and a half. Well, we do it for fun and she enjoys it too. And when she is not interested, I would not push her to continue. Anyways, this is taken this morning after we finished going through the cards once. I thought, oh, I should totally record this down. However, she was not as interested the second time round but we managed to go through about 1/4 of the alphabets. You can see her kissing Brunie, her little "goggie". It's fun hearing her say "googie" and "elephanhan".

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