Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A big baby?

I had my 22 weeks ultrasound today (at 22w 1 day) and it seems junior (as Etienne likes to call this little one) is a rather big baby. It was a very detailed scan checking out all the measurements, the vital organs etc and the doctor said it all looks good. Baby is active with a regular heartbeat rate of 149 per minute.

Junior measures 70/87 percentile in terms of overall size and is estimated to weigh about 575.6g. It is amazing the amount of things that get measure and checked. The doctor even records the length of the nose bone (7.7mm - normal for term), the length of the foot vs the femur, all the cavities of the heart, the valves etc.

It all good aside from the fact that my obstetrician thinks that my belly is big for my term (even though officially I only gained about 2-3kgs). I was sent for early gestation diabetes test due to that and thankfully the results came back okay, no GD at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

i just went for my detail scanning on sat (22 weeks). Baby is 499g. Smaller than yours. And nose bone is 8.7mm.
It was amazing indeed to get all these measurements. :)
Have a good x'mas!