Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy SIX months old my little love.

It's amazing how time just flew by. Loïc is SIX months old! And he has grown so much in the last 6 months.

Things he can or loves to do now:-

1) He loves to blow raspberries or play with his saliva sending spit all over me sometimes.

2) He babbles so much. It's funny how he seems to be talking. I love it!

3) He tries really hard to sit upright, so much so that once he fell face first into the water while he was in the bathtub having a bath. He was quite nonchalant about it.

4) He enjoys solids, especially carrots and spinach. Fruits are not quite his thing yet (I tried apples, peaches and bananas).

5) He discovered his voice and love to put it to good use by screeching away. I hate that!

6) He is sleeping through the night from about 9pm to 8am with one milk feed at 6am. And in the day, he usually take two to three naps.

7) He laughs and smiles a lot.

8) He could turn himself from belly to back or back to belly in all directions now.

9) He is getting mobile, a kind of reverse commando crawl.

10) He has a lot of strength in is legs and could hold himself up when supported.

And here are the obligatory photos of my little love.

Few days old
A month later
Two months later
Three months later
Four months later
Five months later (Getting ready for solids)
Six months later (Sitting upright by himself, supported in the front by the safety strap).

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