Monday, November 16, 2009

H1N1 Vaccination.

So, it's decision making time. France has started it's H1N1 vaccination schedule and our kids will soon be due to receive their letterS to go for the jabs. It is not obligatory but encouraged. After a lot of thinking, we have decided not to vaccinate the kids. Etienne and I will probably go for it just to decrease the chances of us bringing the virus back but through a lot of reading and analytical thoughts, I feel that the risk of the kids catching it AND getting complications from it vs the risk of issues arising from the vaccination itself is lower. That is my personal conclusion, not a medical view. Our doctor sees the swine flu as a mild disease. Yes, it spreads fast but in his words, not a scary illness, not too serious. Apparently the manifestation of the virus here in Europe is benign than its counterparts in America.

Of course the bad press regarding the vaccination is influencing our decision, the two death in China, the case of Guillain-Barré syndrome in France and the US etc. So, unless there are more reassurance, I do not see my kids getting the shots.

On my part to increase the immune system of the two little ones, I am continuing to breastfeed Loïc and Laetitia gets some vitamins/probotics supplement daily (I am trying to remember to give it to her every morning but on and off I'll forget. BAD MUMMY). Other than that, of course pray that God will keep them both healthy and safe. :-)

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