Thursday, December 17, 2009

My little boy and his milestones.

Loïc is almost 10 months old and is definitely no longer a passive laying baby. He is much more interactive and has quite a personality. He has already reached many of his developmental milestones.

Currently he is cutting his third tooth. This tooth is taking its own sweet time to emerge and at the same time is torturing both him and his parents. Three weekends ago, Loïc vomited about 8 times within 48 hours, the week after, he had a fever and then last weekend was finally a little better but he continued to have a low grade fever on and off during the week. It looks like he might be cutting another tooth though.

On the health front, aside from problems caused by him teething, his nose has been running and it is made no better by the fact that it is getting really cold in Paris. In fact, it just started snowing as I am typing this post!

On the fun side of things, the little boy has been pulling himself up. Here are a ton of photos of him standing! My first photos of him standing supported goes more than a month back.

Here he was trying to pull himself up but slipped and was hanging for his dear life when I caught a picture of it. And then he was back at it trying to reach for things that he is not suppose to get at.

He is able to clap his hands by himself. This started probably a few days back. I used to put his hands together for him when we sing "If you're happy and you know it." Now he does it all by himself and I often see him clapping his hands when he is playing by himself.

And here is one of the little munchkin and his sister.


Wendy said...

Cutie Loic! Bravo!!! Keep up the good work!

Michelle said...

He's really adorable!

Sandra said...

Thanks Wendy and Michelle. :)