Friday, June 25, 2010

Laetitia's first school concert

So, Laetitia has completed her first year of school. Even though this year has been a year full of changes for my little girl, entering school for the first year, changing country/school and skipping a grade in the middle of the school year. She has emerge a champion! Not only has she adapted well in all the different situations, she has also complete the year successfully and made the transition an easy one.
This was her report card. A=acquired and ECA=en cour d'acquisition (in the process of acquiring.

And this was the school concert.

Her level, moyen section (K1), perform the three little pigs. I'm sorry that towards the end it the video was all over.... I thought I had stopped shooting but infact I didn't.

And this is her singing on of my favourite song from the concert after when we had a meet the teachers tea session in the class.

All in all, Laetitia had a wonderful first year in school. Next week, she will have 2 days break before starting "summer school" for 6 weeks in a local establishment. It's the same childcare/preschool that Loic goes to. I think it'll be a wonderful opportunity for Laetitia to get some local education and also pick up some Chinese. The plus point is that it's near home and she already have some friends attending that school.

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