Monday, July 1, 2013

Escaping from the haze... To Phuket

Recently (last week), the haze in Singapore was really bad, hitting the highest ever PSI at 401 (on 21 June 2013)!  Being the panicky mummy, I quickly looked into all options to take the kids out of Singapore.  

The earliest reasonably priced flight I managed to find was early Sunday morning and so I made booking immediately after consulting with the hubby. 

So on Sunday, the kids and I left Singapore for Phuket!  And what a fun and tiring trip it was for me and them!  Here's some wonderful memories we brought back! 

At the airport

In the plane on the way to Phuket.

On the elephant treking ride. A first for all of us!

Going down the slide in the swimming pool in our hotel, Centara Karon.

Island hopping... Visiting the three Khais. It was a little tiring with the kids wanting to do separate activities. 

On the slide in the second hotel we stayed in, Swissotel Phuket. 

All in all, the kids had fun while I was a little exhausted trying to keep up with them while working remotely at the same time.  However, even though the haze improved during the time we were away, I'm glad I took them out of the country. One thing I would not risk is my children's health. At the same time, all things aside, we did enjoy the quality and quantity time spent together. :)

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