Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rentrée 2013

Yay! The two months of summer holiday is finally over and the kids are going back to school.

This year their school implemented a new rule, uniforms are now required! Finally! This makes life so much simpler for me. I don't have to go around looking to buy suitable clothes for them all the time as it gets worn out.  

The boy has rather sensitive skin and I'm pleased that the school actually selected "Chateau de Sable" as their supplier for the school uniforms.  When I went to buy the uniforms for the kids, I was glad that they had selected one Chateau de Sable's well know "softest cotton" range.   And I really liked the designs too.  It looked good for both the girl and the boy.  There were also options for a skort and top or a dress for the girl and cargo or normal bermuda for the boy. 

Here's the kids on the first day of school (la rentrée)!

Have fun in school kids!  :)

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