Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The boy's first piano performance

About half a year ago, I started the boy on piano lessons and last Sunday (1 June 2014), he had his first piano performance in front of a small group of more than 100 people (mostly parents of the other performers).

I am very impressed with the school, Forte Musicademy.  I had initially shortlisted the school because it was right next to the girl's ballet school, Singapore Ballet Academy.  However, when I visited the school and the boy had a short assessment session with the principal, Ms. Karen Wong, I was impressed.  Going through the school's website (which unfortunately have not been updated lately), I liked that the students are also able to play in a trio at a young age.  In the end, even though the prices are steeper than the normal music school and costlier than having a piano teacher come to our home, we decided that it would be a good foundation for the boy.

On the big day, in the morning, the boy practiced a few times with his papa, the musically inclined parent, before we left for the school.  We were the first to arrive!  There are 19 students performing at the same session and the youngest was this little girl who is only 3 years old.  The oldest looked around 15 years old.  Parents and families came in full force to support their children.

The young pianist were all absolutely amazing, some more than others.  There were two young boys, age 8 and 9, who really impressed us.  The 9 year old played a difficult piece from Bartok and the other who looked like he was 8, played the piece March from Bach and Angel's Voices from Burgmuller.  And both of them played entirely by memory.  The husband was very impressed with the oldest girl, probably about 15 years old, who played the Sonata in E flat HobXVI:52 (1st movement) by Haydn.  She played entirely by memory and as explained by hubby, was also emotionally connecting with the music piece.

For the little boy, he played a simple piece and he did it very well, with the right tempo and without any mistake!  We are so proud of his very first performance!  Check it out. :)

I hope he will be able to play as well as the two little boys as he continues his lessons.  More importantly, I hope he will grow to love music.

And here's my little boy looking sharp.

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