Monday, August 4, 2014

Kayaking with the boy

My mother in law is visiting from France and we had been busy doing activities all around Singapore.

Last week we were at Adventure Cove, went on the Duck tour, visited the Istana, watched the National Day Parade Rehearsal's Fireworks at Fullerton Bay, went up on the Flyer and so forth! It has been exhausting but the kids really enjoyed themselves. I'll be posting about the activities and my recommendations soon but I thought I would do a quick blog this evening on something we did in the morning. 

Last year we went on a private yacht with White Sails and knowing that my mother in law loves being in the open sea, I grabbed a Groupon deal a few months back for another of these charter when it became available again.

My dear husband took all the Fridays and Mondays off work while his mum is here and so, we decided to go today. 

This time, aside from the usual, the boy also had a couple of "first moments".  I took the boy kayaking and then towards the end, the boy also tried fishing with a real fishing rod!  Both were first time experiences for him.  I must say he really enjoyed them and I'm glad we managed to capture these moments too. 

I must say that although we did enjoy the trip, the yacht we went on today, HomeAway, was a little less comfortable compared to the previous which was called StarGrazer. WhiteSail did offer an upgrade to their biggest boat, Heritage Clipper, which I turned down because the look and feel of that yacht was less appealing.  Oh well, now that I know, I will be careful to make sure which yacht we get if we were to go on a private charter again. 

Aside from that though, the captain and skipper were also kind and helpful. They were obliging, helped to set up the fishing rod for the boy and even let him try driving the yacht.  

The little one had such a great time.  He left the boat telling us all that he wants to get one when he grows up. :-)  Well, he will sure have to work hard for that. 

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