Friday, August 5, 2005

1st Trimester: It's a little MIRACLE!

Etienne and I saw the baby today! It's our "petit(e) lastennet"! Praise the Lord for His blessing and His miracle of life!


Bebe is 1/2" long and has a heartbeat of 153 beats per minute (or there abouts since I heard only the hundred and fifty part). Bebe is now 7 weeks and 5 days by the ultrasound measurement... just one day off my LMP date calculation. And the ultrasound technician said everything looks good.
I am feeling truly blessed and thankful to the Lord that He is blessing me and Etienne with a healthy pregnancy this time round. I have been praying lots that by His strips on the cross I will have a discomfort free pregnancy and the baby will grow healthily within me. And I have been feeling much better. Compared to just a couple of days back where I was nausea and gassy etc, I am feeling so much better now. And it's ALL HIS GLORY!
Etienne and I are really excited about being parents! Heehee.... he asked me to call him DADDY after the ultrasound. Sometimes my hubby is SO SILLY. But that's what makes me love him so much too.
Can't wait for the next ultrasound..... in about another 4 weeks!

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