Tuesday, August 30, 2005

1st Trimester: And it gets worse.....

The last couple of weeks I had a new symptom to deal with. VOMITING. All I can say is that it is disgusting and it zapps all my energy out of me whenever I puke.
It started out really mildly with me puking some of my breakfast beverage out when I gagged when brushing my teeth.... it has now escalated to me vomitting after lunch or even when I shower. That is one of the worse, vomitting when I am showering. Especially when there is nothing to vomit and all that comes out is bitter, sour acidic bile. It burns my throat.
The only consolation I have is that almost all the materials I read say that as long as I am not vomitting everything that I take in, it is normal and that it is sometimes, a good thing . It signals that the fetus is growing well. Well, the sacrifices of motherhood. Hopefully what I read about it passing around 14 weeks is also true. Well, it did say that the vomitting might peak around 11-13 weeks and it did. I think I probably started puking around 10 weeks.... ok, another 2-3 weeks to go and it'll all be better.

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