Thursday, February 16, 2006

About 1 month before she arrives...

We are now in the final leg of the pregnancy. The pressing issue is getting the baby nursery/guestroom/study all done before ma petite chouchou Laetitia should choose to make her appearance!

So far, here's what I have done for her room. We had the baby cot set up over the weekend and now I am waiting for the beddings that I have bought online to be delivered. Here's her cot bumper and her mobile.

I also bought this cot bumper but it is currently out of stock. I am keeping the colour scheme to yellow and green since it is much more suitable for both girls and boys. I mean, if the next baby is a boy, he can continue to use some of them right?

So that is for her room.

As for equipments for taking baby out, I have the Baby Bjorn for starters. We also made a purchase for her stroller set yesterday. My parents-in-law are buying that for us as a present for baby. I absolutely LOVE the colours of this stroller! It's a Graco Aerosport Plus.

The next couple of things on my shopping list would include toys and basic toiletries, comb, brush, baby bathtub etc. The strange things I cannot get in this country are receiving blankets and mittens. I have asked my sis to get them from Singapore and either have someone bring them over or ship them here.

Things for Laetitia are really getting together. Just about a month ago I had NOTHING for her. Now in terms of clothes, she has about 20+ onesies/bodies, 10+ sleep N plays/pjs, 10 cardigans/knitted jackets, 10 ensembles for going out and socks/booties etc. Etienne thinks she probably have enough to last for the next 3 months at least. Hahahah, she will not have a problem with lack of clothes to wear just like her mummy!

Oh, I also got her a useless little bookcover for health book.

And then I should of course start packing my bag for the hospital. Woohoo! I am so ready to have this baby! Oh, and how can this update be complete without some recent pregnant pictures! Here's a sample below and the link to the photo album.

The link to the pictures is here.

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