Wednesday, March 1, 2006

More things for Laetitia!?!

I thought I was almost done with shopping but obviously I am wrong. There seems to be so much to buy for a new baby. A lot of self control is required in stopping myself from buying more!

I guess I am not the only person who is so excited about Laetitia's arrival. My mother in law has been buying her pretty little dresses (robes), tops, ensembles etc and mailing them to us. My sister in law offered to buy us a diaper bag and asked us to choose any that I fancy. I obviously had an enjoyable time going shopping to look for a pretty and functional "Sac a Langer" and finally found a one that I love in Jacadi. Jacqueline (Etienne's granddad's partner) also bought baby a cute little onesie that says "Je suis la fille, d'un prince tres charmant, choisi par ma maman..." (which means I am the daughter of a prince charming chosen by my mum" Cute eh?

So now's pictures time..... Here is the Jacadi bag.

As Etienne's colleague was in Singapore last week, I managed to ask one of my ex-colleagues in BNP Paribas for help to get a couple of things that I cannot get here in Paris. That includes flannet material receiving blankets, mitten, Ruyi oil (a kind of oilment that we use in Singapore to help keep baby's tummy warm), Woodward's Gripewater for colic and some bak kwa (barbeque pork jerky) for me!

I also got Laetitia some toys, mainly an activity mat (Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe) and added toys to hang onto the gymini.

And here is just one of the pj/bodies clothes that I got for her. I only manage to find online pic of this set. The rest of her clothes I guess I will take pictures of it when Laetitia is wearing them.

I will take pictures of her nursery soon. It is almost done. We just need to set up the side shelf and stick the roller of decoration strip on the wall.

Her EDD is 25 March (based on the French 41 weeks calculation) but I am hoping that she will be here around 18 March (the anglo-saxon 40 weeks due date). In any case, that is about 3 weeks to go. How EXCITING!

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