Monday, March 20, 2006

Spent the weekend in the hospital.

I had been hoping that Laetitia was going to make her appearance into this world last week. The weekend would have been wonderful and so when I started having some painful and regular contractions for 3 hours going from every 6 mins to 3 mins on Saturday evening, I was getting quite excited. By the end of the 3hrs (and dinner at Jean's place) we decided it was time to go to the hospital. By then, I was in some pain and was thinking, ok, it has to be it. There was a little problem calling a cab and Fabrice was kind enough to offer to drive us there. So, finally off we went to the hospital with Fabrice and Trisha. I was not very communicative by then.

Once we reach the hospital and checked it, we were taken to the delivery area where the midwife checked me and found that I was only 1cm dilated (I was already 1cm dilated last Tuesday when I had my regular checkup. 5 days and still 1cm. ) Anyways, they put me on the monitor for baby's heartbeat and the contractions and found her heartbeat to be a bit too high. The contractions seems regular as per earlier but I did not seem to be dilating. Baby's heartbeat though was averaging 160 bpm and sometimes goes up to 180 for more than an hour. The doctors were worried about an infection and decided to do some test. Since it was middle of the night and the results will take a while, they decided to put me on antibiotics anyways. So, they tried to put the IV into my arm. At that time I was feeling stressed and totally tense up when the midwife tried to insert the IV, and she could not insert it into my vein. Well, actually she did but when I tense up the muscles, it pushed the IV out. She tried again and Etienne tried to distract me and finally it worked. After which they transfered me to a room, put the antibiotics thru the IV and told us they will check baby's heartbeat again at 8am the next morning. It was about 2am by then. I had IVF a few times before but it has NEVER hurt this bad. The antibiotic was not flowing well as the blood circulation around my limbs has been poor with this pregnancy and my hand became quite swollen and it was bad. Etienne tried to help with the pain by stroking my hand to assist the circulation. I pretty much suck it up and just waited till the antibiotic had finished flowing. At around 8am, they put me on the monitor again and this time, baby's heartbeat is fine (around 140) and the contractions were really spaced out. The results came back at 10am and there was no infection. They also did an ultrasound to check on baby, the placenta etc and everything was good. So they decided that since I was only one day overdue, they do not need to induce me yet and I was allowed to discharge. However, if Laetitia does not come out by this Saturday, they want me to be checked in to be induced. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will make her appearance naturally before Saturday.

Come on out soon Laetitia. Papa and mummy are anxious to hold you in our arms!

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