Thursday, March 2, 2006

Gift ideas for la petite chouchou.

Some family and friends have been asking what they could buy as a gift for Laetitia's birth. I am very appreciative of the kind gestures and generosity. Laetitia is indeed very blessed and loved even before she born! So many friends and family members back home have been offering to send things to me from Singapore (especially things I cannot get here), Etienne's family here have been spoiling us (or Laetitia) with presents. I just want to say that we really are very grateful and thankful.

When faced with the question "What can I get for Laetitia?", most of the time, I cannot give an outright answer since usually I do buy her the stuff that I think are "essential". Obviously as mentioned before, this mummy needs to exercise more self-control to not go over-board. Though I do think that I have been very reasonable so far. There are not too many "luxurious" items that I have bought for her. Yes, there are the kinda pretty and not very necessary crib bumper, health book cover etc but it's just a few items.

One thing I know for sure that she will not need extras of are clothes. Right now, she already has more clothes than her daddy! I think she has enough to last her for at least the next 3 months or more. And of course with the weather changing from winter to spring to summer, the kind of clothes she needs will highly depend on the temperature for her size at that particular time.

The things that I have not bought much of are mainly toys. And I do think toys are important for babies and children. It does help in their growth. The reason I have not bought many is that I wanted to be sure that the toys we get are useful and not something that will be lying around and not used. So far, I have bought Laetitia a Tiny Love Gymini Super Deluxe activity mat with additional toys to be added.

So, here is a list of the things that Laetitia could do with (I suppose). For some item, I will also list options. I also included the links for online purchase if it makes things easier (so that the items do not have to be shipped from Singapore to Paris as shipping can be quite expensive).

1) Take along arch (to be attached to a stroller or a car seat)
Option 1 - Tiny Love Musical Take Along Arch - Hippo (29.95 euros)

Option 2 - Vertbaudet Arche de Rose (24.90 euros)

2) Cloth Farmhouse
Option 1- Farmhouse from Nature et Decouvertes (22.90 euros)

Option 2 - Farmhouse from Eveiletjeux (26.00 euros)

3) Bouncy chair or Swing
Option 1 - Graco Swing (89.95 euros)

Option 2 - Fisher Price Vibrating Toddler Rocker Linkadoo (79.99 euros)

Option 3 - BabyMoove Bouncy chair (69.90 euros)

4) Baby safe soft toy (Doudou)
Option 1 - Little Lamb (13.50 euros)

Option 2 - Kaloo Little Rabbit (23.00 euros)

Option 3 - Noukie's 30cm Lola (27.90 euros)

Option 4 - Noukie's 25cm Kaya (24.90 euros)

5) Cloth books (22.00 euros)

6) Mobile toy
Option 1 - Musical take along toy (26.00 euros)

Option 2 - Funny Bird with different texture (24.00 euros)

Option 3 - Soft Cow with hidden Surprises (24.95 euros)

7) Robeez Infant shoes
Option 1 - Flower Pink (28.00 CAD)

Option 2 - Flower Patch Pastel Green (28.00 CAD)

Option 3 - Wildflowers Red (28.00 CAD)

Option 4 - Snails Pastel Purple (28.00 CAD)

I think that should be enough options to go around for now. These are the things that she could actually start using from birth or at least by 3 months. I think most of the other toys I see are for bigger babies e.g 6 to 9 months and of course this might be a little early to look at them. Anyways, most of the time babies who are less than 3 months old sleep a whole lot right?

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