Saturday, March 11, 2006

Choosing a chinese name for Laetitia

A couple of months back, we decided that Laetitia's middle name should be a Chinese name.

However, it is not something that can be easily done by me since my written Chinese is not exactly up to par for a task as delicate and important as that. I, therefore, asked for some help from my family in Singapore. My sis offered to get a Chinese naming master to suggest the names once Laetitia is born but that is a triffle more complicated as the master would need the exact birthdate and time of the baby plus a couple of days to think of the name but in France we need to register the baby with her name within 3 days. Since that option might not work, I also asked other family members for idea. My cousin-in-law, Joanne, was very kind and offered to think of some names for me. I was keen to use Chinese words such as "ning", "jing" etc as I liked the sound of it. She made some suggestions after a couple of weeks but they did not pass the French pronounciation test. Etienne has to be able to pronounce the name of his daughter right? Well, back to the drawing board for Joanne.

Two days back, Joanne came back with some new suggestions and I think we finally found the one that would work for Laetitia. The choice has come down to the name "JING EN" (pronounced kind of like "Jing" in the first syllabus of "jingle" and "En" like "earn"). Not too complicated for the English or French speaking folks. Moreover, "Jing" means peace and "En" means Grace. And of course Laetitia means Joy in latin. So, her names would basically mean joy, peace and grace. It seems like a great choice to us!

Here is how it would be written in Chinese:-

Looks like we have another thing out of the way. Laetitia JingEn Lastennet. Sounds good to me!

PS: I have to get this out of the way since everyone kept asking me "Oh, Laetiti's chinese name is Jing E?" Errrrr, no. Eventually Etienne decided that "en" does not sound nice for the French so we changed it to Jing Xuan.

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