Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cheeky monster!

This is nothing but a gratuitous pictures post. I think my darling looks more and more cheeky with her two front teeth. Look at all her funny expressions.

Oh Mummy, I spy you trying to take my photos!
I will give you my biggest GRIN!
Don't I look scary with my "ready to pounce" look?

ROAR! I'm going to maul you with my teeth!

Come on, come closer and let me bite you.

How long are you going to keep me waiting? Give me an arm to chew. :p

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I can't remember how I landed on your blog but I can tell we are both Singaporeans living overseas! I saw you are living in France. Did the Channel U people visit you?:) I'm married to an Icelander. I have a beautiful baby girl who turned 1 year old few weeks ago. Drop me a line when you are free. My email is