Saturday, May 3, 2008

Officially toilet training

So, for some time we have been asking Lae to pee on the potty just before her bath time and on the occasions that she says that she needs to go. However, today we started "real" toilet training in that we are just putting her in panties and not diapers. Well, it was mildly successful. She did pee once in the potty and twice in her panties (once when she was sleeping in the stroller and the other time right after we asked her to sit on the potty). She is obviously still in diapers at nights and should be for naps (except today since she fell asleep before we could put her in her diapers).

I do have a problem with poo since she does not like to sit to poo. She actually has to stand when pooing. Hmmmm...... I have to find a solution for that one.

In any case, I am hoping that since we're in the south and the weather is better she can do with just a dress and panties for next 10 days that she is here. Well, we'll see how things go.


Anonymous said...

You can try this cos it worked for well for us. Give her a little treat if she sits on the potty. N loves seaweed so I would give her a small piece as a reward. It worked wonders. By the 3rd day, she was off diapers during her nap & by 5th day, she requested not to sleep with diapers at night.

Good luck !!

Anonymous said...

We have been facing some difficulties. I think Lae is very stressed by this toilet training thing. She had three little pee accidents within an hour last evening and at some point was kind of crying, saying "I want to pee in the potty". Sigh...