Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Je suis très belle et généreuse!

That was exactly what Laetitia told our neighbour a couple of days ago. The conversation went like this...

Neighbour: "Bonjour Laetitia" hello Laetitia
Laetitia: "Bonjour Madame" hello madame

... some small talk...

Neighbour: "Comme tu es mignonne." You are adorable
Laetitia: Oui! Et je suis très belle et généreuse! Yes! And I am very pretty and generous.

Me ----> eyes wide opened and looking a little sheepish: "Ah! Ma fille, elle n'est pas timide." Ah! My daughter, she is not shy.

She has been "embarrassing" me lately with her boldness and confidence. She goes to strangers and ask them "comment tu t'appelles?" What is your name, "Qu'est-ce que tu fais?" what are you doing and I'm always jumping in telling her to use "vous" instead of "tu" etc as it is deemed impolite in France to use "tu" with strangers or people you are not familiar with. Ah, the joy of the French language.

And sometimes she stuns me with the things she says and her humour. I bought her some cherries and when she was having some asked her to share with me. She gave me one which I ate and then when I asked again, she wanted to feed me so I let her and the moment I took the entire cherry in my mouth, she went "Ah, GOURMAND!" greedy and started laughing! Urrrghhhh..... my daughter calling me greedy. Sigh.... what am I in for?

So here's the cheeky child with her silly pomelo head again.


Anonymous said...

Haha the things children come up with. But she is pretty & generous. And I know she's going to be an awesome bigger sister too.

Hope the pregnancy is going well ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks. :)

The pregnancy is going okay, just can't wait for him to be out since I'm already 39 wks.... waiting kind of sucks.