Saturday, February 28, 2009

Settling down at home.

We came home after 6 days in the hospital. Loïc has jaundice and had to undergo 24hrs of phototherapy in the neonatal ward and another 24hrs of observation. He is doing much better although the jaundice has not fully cleared off. I try to put him under bright sunlight (but not directly under the sun) to help him get rid of it.

He is doing well, the first two nights were tough. He was not able to settle for the night and was up from 8pm to 2am on the first night and 7pm to 4am on the second night. Thank goodness last night he managed to settle down nicely. I manged to sleep from 1am-3am, 5am-7am and 8:30am-11am! It was definitely bliss. It might be because I have learnt not to put him into his bed but to carry him in my arms and settle him next to me in bed. The close proximity to me seems to work well for now. It's not a habit I want to cultivate but for now, whatever works!

For me, I am healing well and was back to my pre-pregnancy weight a week after birth. YIPPEE. I believe all the walking I did prior to delivery helped a lot in my easy labour and fast healing. Would definitely recommend that to pregnant friends. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I will def take your advice and walk at least 2 hrs a day... right to the last day!