Friday, July 24, 2009

Starting solids

About couple of days ago, I started Loïc on solids. I tried applesauce first and it didn't go down too well. I suppose applesauce is a little too sour as a first food. Here is a video of the first experience.

I decided to start at about 5 months since I felt that he is ready for solids. In fact, Laetitia started around the same time too, maybe two weeks or so earlier. I think he is doing very well with the swallowing action and did not have much of a extrusion reflex.

Since he is not so keen on applesauce, I have started giving him cereal instead. He is on Nestlé iron enriched 5 cereals mix. He seems to enjoy this a lot more. Right now, he is having only a small amount, maybe 5 baby spoons of it every evening.

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