Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip to Singapore - Loïc's first flight

Sorry for the long delay in posting but we were just in Singapore for three weeks and since everyday is a mad rush to meet friends and family, I hardly had time to update. And since coming back, I've been dead tired.

This was Loïc's first trip out of the country and first time on the plane. Lucky boy got to go on the brand new much talked about A380 for his virgin flight. Here is the little one on the plane.
Now, I am very disappointed that Singapore Airlines canceled all their night flights from Paris to Singapore. Flying in the day with two young children is not the best option. Both of them did not sleep much on the flight into Singapore and as a result of that, we were exhausted when we arrive in Singapore and yet, it was only 7am local time. This made it harder to adjust and led to a longer period of jetlag. The return trip was so much better. Loïc slept a good 8 hours or more on the 13 hour flight and Laetitia had a good 6 hours or so. I wish they would bring back the Paris-Singapore night flight before we make our next trip.

The three weeks itself in Singapore was packed to the brim. Etienne was saying we probably had close to 50 restaurants sessions (for lunch/tea/dinners/drinks) in three weeks. That is more than 2 per day. On some days we meet up to four different groups of people in a day! It has been wonderful though seeing all our (my) family and friends.

With my two good friends Jaimie and Michelle on Michelle's birthday.
With a huge group of Etienne and my ex-colleagues from BNP. We used to work with Chester, Stella (mum of two), Aileen (mum of two), Sara (mum of two) and Gwen (another mum of two). There were 20 of us at the gathering. 10 children and 10 adults! You see only 19 in the photo as one is sleeping away in her stroller.
Here with another group of friends, Joe and Karen with their two lovely girls, Jason, Stanley and Wenli with their little girl Nemo.
My church friends from Bethany. We used to attend Bethany together almost 20 years ago. Gosh, we're old.
Etienne and I also managed to have some time to ourselves though it is a lot harder to squeeze that time since Laetitia would refuse to go to bed without either one of us around. The easiest time was when she stayed over at my sister to play with her cousins.

This time round we also managed to do a photoshoot which I will upload in another post soon.

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