Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family trip to France sans maman!

So, the kids went to France two weeks ago with their papa. Yes, Etienne took the two kids on a solo trip back to visit my in-laws. It was a 13 hour flight, plus 4 hours tranfer/transit (from airport to train station) and finally another 4 1/2 hrs of TGV (fast train) from Paris to the south! Bravo for my husband. I would hesitate to attempt to take both on any trips alone for such a long journey.

Thankfully, the kids were relatively well behaved. Laetitia slept for a total of 7 1/2 hrs on the flight and Loic slept 9 hrs! And they both rested for another 2 1/2 hrs each on the train. I am sure Etienne was exhausted but as he said, he would be well taken care of at his parents.

Of course the kids had a good two weeks at their grandparents. Here are some photos sent during the course of the two week in Carquieranne. Etienne took a video of Loic chasing after the cat, Caline which is just adorable but he had not been able to download the videos from the camcorder.

Now the kids are back in Singapore! They got in at 6.30am. I was at the airport before the plane landed and was waiting impatiently for them to come out. It's lovely having them back home though I'm sure it will be a tiring few days with them being jetlag.

PS: I had absolutely no idea how busy it can be being a full time working mum who wants to be as hands on as possible with the kids. I send Laetitia to school in the mornings, try to pick Loic up from childcare in the evening, eat with the kids and even put them to bed! By the end of the day, I barely have any energy left. This blog is left quite empty not by choice but rather a lack of time. :( I will, however, try to update it as it would be a waste of all these years of effort if I were to just let it go now. :)

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