Saturday, August 28, 2010

Laetitia and her dinner date

A week ago, Etienne was home late as he went out for dinner with his colleagues. Laetitia was impatiently waiting for her papa and asked me why was he was not home yet. I explained that he had gone out for dinner with his friends and she promptly told me that SHE wants to have dinner with her friends too! Well, I asked whom would she like to have dinner with and she said “Vanessa”. So, being the loving mummy that I am, I picked up my phone and called Vanessa, one of my best friend’s daughters. I let Laetitia speak to Vanessa and allowed her to invite Vanessa to dinner. She set the date, Friday 27th. She was very excited after the phone call and I used this opportunity to tell her that she will need to make sure that she behaves herself during the week to be given the privilege to go out for dinner with her friend.

The week went by and finally it was Friday. I had taken the day off since I made two medical appointments for Laetitia. She had to see the dentist (her FIRST visit which went extremely well) and the doctor to complete some health form for the new school year. Laetitia was very excited about her dinner plans with Vanessa. At long last, Michelle dropped Vanessa off at my place and off we went for dinner. I had chosen to go to Lao Beijing at Novena Square for some Peking duck. Silly me however did not remember Vanessa has egg allergy and ended up almost every dish that I ordered had eggs in them!!! Thankfully, Vanessa’s allergy is rather mild and she did not have a reaction. I would be so guilty had Vanessa had a reaction especially since Laetitia also has an allergy (to cashews) which I am very careful about.

After dinner, we walked around to look for ice-cream as Laetitia wanted that for dinner. We finally settle on Haagen Dazs. Here you can see the two girls enjoying their desserts.

Laetitia thoroughly enjoyed herself that evening. We'll try to do this again. :)

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