Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Four hours on a private yacht

As the husband's birthday is fast approaching, I thought about doing something different and when I found a deal for a yacht rental which included food and BBQ, I made a booking for it immediately.  The husband used to spend a month or so during summer sailing with my inlaws from the age of 4 to 20! And I thought it would be something he would enjoy!  And the kids obviously would too. And sure enough, we were all glad I made the booking!

Yesterday was horribly hot and I was saying that I hoped today would not be that bad.  And guess what, when we woke up at 6am, it was pouring! The husband then told me he prayed for the rain to stop by noon. Lo and behold, the weather was perfect when we started to sail out of the marina.  It was still drizzling as we drove into the carpark at Sentosa Cove Village but stopped immediately after.  The skies were cloudy, with not too much sun.  It was just perfect!  We thanked God for His mighty and gracious blessings upon us and this outing! 

The kids were thrilled! The yacht was a comfortable size for our party of seven. Our family of four plus our helper, a friend and her son. Our friend's husband, unfortunately, could not take time off work. 

And off we went on the boat to Lazarus island. :)

The four of us!

The husband having fun!

The boys !

Husband and his princess.

Us again! 

The boy and I having fun.

The beautiful beach at Lazarus island. The water was clear, the beach was lovely, almost pristine at certain points but there was a problem. The beach stunk!  There was a rotting seaweed smell that was disgusting!  The saving grace was that we do not smell it as strongly when we are closer to the water.   Well, in the end we managed to spend some lovely time close to the water and even inside the water. The girl and our helper swam a little and had a splashing good time!

Kids having fun playing with sand.

After all that time spent by the beach, we went back to the jetty area where we had a lovely meal with food already barbecued for us.  We had a nice relaxing time eating, interrupted on and off by a few island cats hoping that we would feed them! 

And then it was time to head home!

Look at who our our captain is this time! 
Loic the captain getting us back!

We all had a fabulous time.  The company we used was White Sails and the boat was StarGrazer.  Mr. Mutalip, our captain was very friendly and kind.  Our skipper was Roger and they both made the trip extremely enjoyable. We took an extension to cruise the skylines and it was well worth the money too. The view was awesome.  

Finally it was time to say bye to Stargrazer and the crew! Thanks for the good time! 

Hope to be on board the Stargrazer again! :)

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