Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Piano lessons for the little boy

The little boy, who is now four and a half years old, seems very keen and interested in musical instruments and I finally got my act together and found him not one but two piano teachers!

Both teacher conducts one-on-one lessons with the little boy.  One comes to the home and is more casual while the other is at a music school, Forte Musicademy and is very strict about techniques, e.g posture, hands and fingers positioning and even the angle of the elbow from keyboard.  During the lesson at the school, due to the fact that they focused so strongly on techniques, class seemed boring for the little one as it is repetitive but it's only 30 minutes so it is still bearable.  There are instances though when he seemed a little tired and spaced out but this is due to the fact that he just finished a whole day of school (leaving home at 7.15am and coming back at 4pm!) 

The lesson at home is a little more casual. The teacher more motherly or rather, grandmotherly! The teacher who comes to our home is my niece's teacher. At the present moment, he seemed ok with both and we will see how he progresses. 

In addition, one is on an electronic piano at home and the other on a baby grand in the school so he gets a feel of different types of piano and I do like the variety.

Here a shot of today's lesson time with his teacher correcting his hand's shape on the keys.  

Maybe one day, he will compose music pieces for his sister to dance to. :)

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