Thursday, November 27, 2014

Drums Lessons at Thunder Rock School

As previously posted, the little boy is currently learning piano from Forte Musicademy.  He had also been asking about drums lesson and finally after procrastinating for almost half a year, I finally took him to Thunder Rock School at East Coast for a trial lesson and the boy just loved it!  He had such a great time and we signed up for lessons immediately.

The school is located at 43 East Coast Road and is on the second floor.  It is run by a group of extremely talented young musicians, in fact, a number of the teachers in the school are part of the local band DEON.  They are passionate about music and the school "is a place where fun is injected into music lessons, learning and creation. By placing a strong emphasis on music creativity and infusing that with the latest and proper music techniques, students are guided and provided with the skill that will enable them to forge out a hobby beyond the confines of the bedroom or a possible musical career.".

This is a small set up but they have lessons for piano, keyboard, guitar, song writing, vocals and even dj'ing on top of drums!  Here's a link on all the different classes offered in the school.

The boy's drum teacher is a great guy who loves kids too.  What seals it for us is that he is also passionate about God.  So, the boy is going to learn to groove to contemporary praise and worship music! What an awesome combination!

The boy had his first lesson yesterday after attending the trial session last week and he basically ran into the classroom and got himself ready.  He had been waiting impatiently for the whole week to go for his drums class.

Here's the boy and the teacher grooving to some praise and worship music.

The school works with the students' choice of music to help encourage and cultivate the continuous interest.  In the case of our family, as we do not listen to much secular music, it is wonderful that we have been blessed with a musician/teacher who is also into Christian pop.

So, if you are keen on drums or piano, keyboard, song writing etc for your kids, do check out Thunder Rock School.  They have two branches, one in East Coast and another in Thomson.

The girl also tried out the non classical piano class yesterday.  I will post more about it after she has her first lesson.

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