Monday, November 13, 2006

After 5 1/2 weeks in Singapore...

We're glad to be home in Paris. We (all of us, Laetitia, Etienne and myself) thoroughly enjoyed oureslves in Singapore but I guess it's been a long time away from home. I started to realise that I refer to Paris as HOME and Singapore is a place that I visit now. How interesting. Of course for Laetitia, Paris is home. That's the only home she knows of (for now).

Since it has been about 3 weeks since I last updated, this is going to be a LONG post with an overload of photos so be prepared!

Laetitia and some family members...

With her cousin Valerie

With more of her cousins, Natalia and Benjamin

With her Doreen YiYi (that's how she addresses my sister)

With my friends...

With Auntie Michelle.... when we had lunch at Marmalade with her and Auntie Carol (Foo) who is not in the photo.

With Uncle Stanley and little Nemo, Uncle Joe, Auntie Karen and little Rachel, and Uncle Jason and Auntie Josephine.

With my ex-colleagues from BNP Paribas and their spouses plus kids.

With Auntie Cynthia.

With Auntie Jaimie.

With Auntie Carol.

The photo with Carol was taken on the same day that Lae Lae went for an advertisement photo shoot for Suzuki cars. The ad agency that Carol worked for was looking for a baby for a shoot while we were in Singapore and Carol showed them this blog! Long story short, we got the job, well, it's more like Lae got the job, we went for the shoot and now I'm eagerly waiting to see the final result.

There are more to blog and photos to post but I think I'll leave that to part two of this post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sannie!!! rem me francesca39 fr FBO?? stumbled upon yr blog fr Flo's blog... Yr girl is soooo adorable!!! so nice to 'see' carol n michelle choy again :)

u look fab in the pix!!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe's mummy, of course I remember you! :-)