Monday, November 20, 2006

"Mum mum"

This is the first word that Lae is saying with actual recognition. She actually associates the word with it's meaning!!! Sadly, "mum mum" does not refer to me, her mummy. It refers to food. Yes, that's what she will say everything it's mealtime. When I bring her food to her, she will happily look at her food and say "mum mum". Or when I am eating, she will look at my food and goes "mum mum".

Well, at least I hope she'll soon be able to call me "ma ma" or "mi mi" or something!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my gf in SG fwd me ur website & i must say i really enjoy reading it - well done!!

When i read ur site it always remind of myself - I also hv a 7 mths old little girl & the first time mum living far away frm home in the Middle East. It is nice to know somewhere out there, there's someone going thru life jus the same as me! God Bless u all!!