Tuesday, January 30, 2007

TEN months old!

Okay, two more months to a year old. Breathe mummy breathe. WHERE DID ALL THESE TIME GO TO?

I don't think winter is a good season for my baby. She is still unwell. So, now on top of nursing a cough and a bad throat, she has the running bottoms. I feel so bad for my darling especially when I am being less than patient with her. I know that she is fussy as she is unwell but I sometimes get so frustrated after an entire day of dealing with it that I have no avenue of letting it out except on her. No, I do not beat her! I do, however, raise my voice at her to "stop it" (whatever she was doing that was bugging me). And of course after that, I am all guilty and would tell her that I'm sorry but I think the damage was done. I do try to catch myself before I raise my voice. I would normally just walk off to cool down. Of course she is in a safe place like strapped to her swing or in her playarea or her cot or exersaucer when I do that. Yes, I admit, I am no perfect mum and I can only try my best and at the end of the day, I am only human.

Back to my baby girl. She is TEN months old and is getting cheekier by the day. She makes me laugh so much.

New things she started doing over the course of the last month:-
1) Hold more than 1 thing in her hand, e.g. two balls or two cups or a ball and a cup etc.
2) Says papa with TOTAL recognition (and such love that I'm overwhelmed with jealousy)
3) Points to something that she wants with her index finger.
4) Drink from a small cup rather independently. (I usually put a small amount of liquid in it and have to remove the cup after she finishes).
5) Pull to a standing position by herself and tands for a good minute or more while holding on to the rails on her cot.
6) Play intelligently with her toys. E.g. she has a Tiny Love Musical stack and play toy that she can insert the balls into the cone to activate the music.

Not something that she does but still a milestone. Her top two teeth are out! And boy is she happy to use them!

At this age normally babies mimic a lot and so does Laetitia. Sometimes she tries to repeat the things I say and occasionally, it sounds pretty close. And she loves to chatter to herself or her toys too. I can't wait for her to start talking. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, hope you're okay with what you described as your loss of handphone in the Metro! Sounds traumatic! I've been reading your blog about Lae since Angie told me about it. I find it totally enlightening and enjoyable! I especially liked the picture of Lae with her dad with their cute tongues!! That's a picture to keep! Take care! /Cheryl, Sweden