Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A tooth is breaking through!

Finally after months of people telling me that Laetitia is teething (how they can see the little white pearlies just beneath the gums etc), it is FINALLY breaking through.

I can totally see it, feel it and she's having a fever and is grumpy. I hope it's just a couple of days before the tooth is fully out. Poor darling has been so off her normal behaviour.

On a side note, I have been trying to be more adventurous with Laetitia's meals. Normally she will have carrots as the main vegetable. I usually cook her vegetables in a slow cooker with rice to create a mashy vegetable porridge. This week, I made meals with celery (it's adventurous since I do not take vegetables and have to think "out of my box" for interesting vegetables aside from the normal carrots and green beans). It's the first time I'm cooking with celery. I didn't even know how they should looked like in the supermarket! I am also trying to vary the meats that I give her. I mean, it's boring to be having chicken, pork and beef all the time. I would get sick of my food too if I had to have the same things all the time. So, this is her new lunch menu for this week.

Monday, she had steamed seabass blended with carrots, celery and rice porridge.

Tuesday it was steamed duck blended with carrots, celery and rice porridge.

And today, she will be having steam rabbit thigh blended with turnip, celery and rice porridge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laetitia's mum,

Just want to say thank you for the halte garderie information you posted on your blog. I was in fact searching for info about crèche / halte garderie for my 7 month old baby Mia. It's really bizarre to find another Singaporean married to a French,had a baby recently and now residing in Paris. Keep up the good work on updating your blog with wonderful stories and pictures of your little princess.


Anonymous said...


You're welcome. I wish you good luck with getting a spot in a garderie.
And if you would like more information or would like to chat with a fellow s'porean mum in Paris, feel free to write to me at