Sunday, July 1, 2007

Attack of the bacterial/virual infection of the stomach?

Arrrrggghhhhh...... poor baby and poor mummy.

My little pie is being attacked. Poor little darling vomitted four times yesterday. And she HATES it when she vomits. It makes her so upset that she cries more. And she had a fever to cope with at the same time.

I googled some information about vomiting and fever and from her symptoms, it seems like it's a stomach bacterial attack. But then it's only vomiting and fever with no diarrhea. Hmmmm... It did say it will pass in 12-24 hours and so far she seems to be better. We are also trying to avoid giving her milk though. She had some yogurt in replacement of milk for breakfast. I think we'll keep to light and small meals for her today.

I'm so tired as I was up trying to get her to go back to sleep till 1.30am. And she decided to get up at 8am this morning. Okay, I also know I should not complain considering that lots of mums of young children do not get 6 straight hours of sleep.

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