Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A sofa for Laetitia

Well, Laetitia seems to have this love for little seats that are her size. She loves to squeeze herself into a bouncy chair or sit on a small box that is just the right size whereby her feet would touch the ground as she sits on it. She is even happier when I push the box right against the wall so she has some sort of backing.

So, I decided to embark on a search for the perfect infant sofa for her. Boy oh boy is it hard. Well, there are many awesome ones but her mummy is feeling cheap after buying her the ergo carrier (which was 30% more expensive here in Paris than buying it in the US) so I am trying to find a good deal.

The question is always, do I just suck it up and buy a cheapie since she might not know the difference?

The NICE ones I like

Or the normal plain ones which are less than half the price!

Or something in the middle price range?

Well, her papa disapproves of the ones I like. PUI! But, he does have good taste sometimes and the one he prefers is quite pretty and is not as expensive as the ones I choose but not that cheap either.

So, here goes...
Well, my original thought was if I'm paying so much, then I might as well get the one I really like but he thinks the purple one looks too Louis XVI (he joked that we should get Lae a queen's crown if we get that seat). GGGRRRRRRR......


Anonymous said...

i love the purple one! the one that your hubby picked out is not too bad either! =) shazzerlyn

Anonymous said...

if u are comin back to spore, there a shop sellin the red chair pattern at mosque street. u can haul it back to paris. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the purple one, but I also really like the last one (pink/red?) although I find it a bit 'kiddy' and feel the purple one (while pricer) would grow with her more and could be moved to her bedroom to last her beyound toddlerhood.