Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Typical menu in Laetitia's day.

It seems that I must be doing something right finally. After a few months of worrying about her apparent lack of weight gain, she is finally back on track. She put on 500g in one and a half months (She was 8.9kg on 23 April and 9.4kgs yesterday).

In a typical day, this is what she is eating.
Breakfast - at around 8.30am
1) 210 ml of fresh full cream milk

2) one piece of weetabix (she takes some dry and some mixed with the milk from (1)

3) Fresh fruits
Bite size pieces of fresh fruits offered in a bowl. She could finish about 1/4 of a banana.

Mid morning snack - at around 10am
1) A 100g size fruit puree

2) A small (1/4 piece) slice of bread/a piece of biscuits

Lunch - usually around 12.30pm
1) 200g - 220g of vegetables and grains
(I make them mushy. It used to be pureed but now I just mushy them with a spoon or fork.)

2) 30 - 40g of meat/fish (I vary between beef, veal, chicken, lamb, ham, seabass, salmon, pork etc. Once in a while, she gets something exotic like rabbit!)

3) 1 slice of cheese (kraft singles type)

4) 100g yogurt or cream dessert (I normally buy Blédicrèm chocolate/caramel etc)

Examples of some her lunch menu over the last week:-
- Zuchinni, spinach and potatoes mixed with brown rice served with veal.
- Carrots, leeks and green peas mxied rice served with seabass.
- Turnips, spinach and brocoli mixed with smelt served with lamb.
- Green beans and carrots with rice served with pork.

Afternoon snack - usually around 4.00pm
1) 100g yogurt
2) 130g of fruit puree

Dinner - usually around 7pm
1) 150 - 200 ml of soup puree (I usually put aside some of the vegetable/grain dish that I cooked for lunch as dinner but I will add into the puree one other vegetable mixed to vary the taste.)

2) One serving of cheese (Laughing cow fondant cheese)

3) 120 ml of fresh full cream Milk

4) One small piece of bread. (usually french loaf)

I reckon she has a very well balanced meal. And if anyone has any suggestions for interesting menus that I can use or improvise on, let me know. I am always happy to try new things for Laetitia.

Of course, it's hard to have a post without a picture of my darling... :-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, her meal looks delicious and nutritious!