Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mummy gone crazy with shopping.

So, what does a doting mummy do when she starts earning her own money? Buy more stuff for her little sweetie pie. I might not have as much time to go out shopping but then there is always the internet!

Clothes (as if she does not have enough!)

Shoes in size 23 (she is currently on size 22)

A table/chair set for her to sit and do her colouring etc. The table has a little built in container for holding crayons.

A bib cos it is cute

A coat hanger for her numerous coats.

And finally a sofa that I have been wanting to buy for her.
Some of the items will only arrive in December as they are out of stock at the moment but I guess it might be a good thing since then they could double up as Christmas presents. I do have many ideas for her Christmas present but then I'm sure she will not mind having a few different things. :p


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! So many things for ya little princess...all looks so pretty and cute....

Anonymous said...

hi, I've been reading your blog on and off (came across it while googling many months back). Your gal is a cute darling and the stuff you got for her are simply gorgeous! Those are the things that we couldn't find here in SG!
Have a great holiday ahead. Merry Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Have a merry Christmas too. I just hope that the sofa chair will be delivered soon. It's been out of stock and I'm been waiting forever for them to send it.