Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Leaving Singapore tonight.

Our two weeks vacation is up and we're due to leave Singapore tonight (our flight is at 11.40pm). I would have loved to post more photos but sadly our camera is out of battery and I cannot find a multi function plug that I can use for my camera (which was bought in Canada) so the photos will come after I get back to Paris.

On a whole, Laetitia had a good time. She met up with so many friends of mine and of course all the different relatives. She had a good time with her cousins (Benjamin, Natasha and Natalia) since we stayed with them for most of the trip. She also enjoyed spending some time with her other cousins Nicholas and Dylan. It was funny when she told Nicholas (who is a very quiet boy), "talk to me kor kor (big brother), I'm talking to you!"

Her English language skills grew by leaps on bounds over the two week holidays. It is amazing to see how her English language ability developed from the first two days she was here (speaking 90% French and 10% English to the reverse situation now just before we leave). My sis who said that her kids spoke pretty early commented that Lae is much more talkative then her kids when they were her age (at 2 years 2 months). To give an example, once when she wakes up, she would greet me with "Good morning mummy", followed by "I slept/sleep well" (She uses slept and sleep interchangably since I usually ask her, "Did you sleep well?" and if she ask the same question, I reply with "Yes, I slept well". When it comes to her, she uses both interchangably so I think she has not yet understood the difference between the two tenses). After this, she normally would tell me, "I'm hungry Mummy, I want to go outside to eat breakfast with you." And of course I would ask her what she wants to eat and she would proceed to name me a few things.

I hope I can help her continue progressing in the language.

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