Saturday, February 28, 2009

The wonderful big sister.

I gave birth to Loïc on the 20th and since then, Laetitia has been the perfect big sister. She wants to give Loïc hugs and kisses all the time, asking to cuddle him or carry him and telling him sweetly in French "it's okay, it's okay" when he cries. Since we came home (on the 25th), she has been very considerate towards him and is eager to help me do little things for him including buttoning his clothes when I change him, getting me a tissue to wipe his mouth after breastfeeding etc.

I am so proud of my little one.

Here's one of my favourite picture of the two of them.


Anonymous said...

This is my fave photo too. Can't wait to see them next week. And I'm really glad you've started blogging again. Running out of things to read = p

Anonymous said...

Congratulations S!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! She's such a lovely helper!!

have a good rest too.

Anonymous said...

I've only read your blog a few times. Anyway congratulations. How are you coping?