Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift ideas

As friends and family have asked what they could get as present for his arrival, Here's my wish list for Loïc.

1) Hotsling - Solstice print - US$48

2) Bumbo seat with tray - 59,90€

3) Cale bébe - 27€

4) Miracle blanket - 24,90€

5) Clothes for 3mths old and 6mths old are good too.
The only thing is that they have to be of the right season. I suppose 3mths old clothes should be a little warmer since it is still Spring and the weather will be cooler and 6mths old clothes would be more summery. But since we'll be in Singapore in June for three weeks, some light 3mths old clothes would work too. :p

That's really it. Loïc has quite a lot of hand-me-down toys from Laetitia so on that front, we're very well prepared. And of course with two kids in a smallish apartment, I'm trying to avoid things that takes up too much space.

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