Friday, March 20, 2009

One month old!

Loïc is one month old today. Unlike for Laetitia, we are not having the one month old celebration. I am simply too tired to organise a party right now, especially one that requires a lot of cooking. With at least 3 wakings per night, I am not getting much sleep so everything has to be minimised this time.

Little Loïc is growing well. We had the one month check up on Wednesday and everything looks good. We're seeing the same paediatrician as Laetitia saw when she was a newborn, Dr Béatrice DiMascio. One of the reasons I am seeing her again is that she is very good with vaccinations, especially BCG. Plus she is one of the few doctors I know who does the BCG on the underside of the arm which means the scar from the BCG is hardly seen.

During the visit, she checked the following:-

1) Heart/Lungs - Good

2) Throat/Mouth - Good

3) Tummy - There was a lot of air which she said is very usual for babies up to three months. An anti-wind/gas medication is prescribed.

4) Face - Loïc has baby face acne and she prescribed Avene Cicalfate for that.

5) Weight - He is now 4.20kg. He put on 990g from his birth weight of 3.21kg

6) Length - He is now 53.5cm. He grew 3.5cm from his birth length of 50cm

7) Head circumference - His head circumference is now 37cm. His head is bigger by 2cm from his birth measurement of 35cm.

She noticed that his head is a little flat on the right side and asked me if he sleeps a lot on the right (which he does) and told me to try to make sure he does not lie too much on his right side.

I was also told that he is a very alert baby and all is well. :-)

As of now, Loïc can focus on a face/object and follow it, respond to a loud noise by startling/crying/waking up (if he is in REM mode of sleep), smile/laugh spontaneously and grasp my finger tightly. He is also a rather demanding little one, crying angrily when he wants to be feed and is not being carried in time. For the time being, I call him my master since I am at his peck and call. :p

Here's a couple of pics, highly alert baby, angry crying baby and peaceful sleeping babe. And a funny pic with papa.

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Aw.... what a cute photo of daddy and baby.