Saturday, July 22, 2006

Adorable screeching baby.

Now that I have started to use the video mode of my digital camera, I find myself trying to make short clips of my little darling. Most are really fun but some of the video quality is crap due to the inexperience mummy.

Obviously she cannot talk yet but she loves to make different noises. She laughs, screechs, baby talks etc. This is one of her screeching (we prefers to call it singing though). It's so cute!

Here's a picture of her taken at the same time. I love her little chubby cheeks. SO CUTE!

I was trying to take videos of her attempting to crawl. She would raise her butt and then try to push herself forward. It makes both Etienne and I laugh whenever she does that. However, when I tried to shot it, she stopped. Cheeky baby. The only downside is that her face would be on the bed while she tries to push herself forward and this causes some slight carpet burns like marks on her face. Poor little chubby cheeks...

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