Monday, July 24, 2006

Brumisateur Effect.

The heat in Paris is not getting much better and I've been coming up with different ways to cool Laetitia down and help her cope with the high temperatures. She gets a bath nightly at around 8pm before her sleep and I also put her clothes in the freezer before her bath so that it is nice and cool when I put them on her. The other thing I've started to do is to spray her with the Evian Brumisateur (atomiser). The expressions she has when I use the atomiser on her is hilarious! Check it out.


Anonymous said...

This works for me when I go out with baby in a stroller - put small chilled mineral water bottles in the basket below it (most strollers have a feature like this). The water acts as a barrier from the heated pavement/beach, and mummy can have a swig from it too!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing , I can only imagine how hot you all are! Remember to keep Laetitia well hydrated either water or Bmilk. Wear light cotton clothes

If there's no AC then maybe a rotating fan? At least it'll help to cool & circulate the air!!

Josh used to love to play with ice cubes when he was in hot hot Sg... hee hee

Anonymous said...

hello !!
I was just told about your blog by Ludovic Caudal, and also that you had a baby not long ago !! Congratulations to both of you for this beautiful news !
Take good care
Arnaud (ex-colleague of Etienne in Singapore)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I have not tried putting the chilled mineral water on the basket below though I definitely take one with me to cool and hydrate myself. Thank God though that the heat has subsided! We're back to nice moderate temperatures (around the 20s). Hope it's better in Turin too.

Shin, we do have a fan but it seemed so "weak" compared to the heat that is so overwhelming. But of course it was better than nothing! :p And when it's too hot, all she has on is her diaper.

Hey Arnaud! Thanks. :-) We'll be back in Singapore in October and if you're around, let's catch up. I believe Ludo and Rashida will be in sg at that time too.