Monday, July 3, 2006

Never been kissed.

I was trying to teach Laetitia to kiss me today. It was really fun and obviously delightful for me. I'm not sure if she likes or enjoys it as much this mummy does. At one point when I gave her my cheeks to be kissed, she started sucking on it as if it was the boob!!! Etienne took a few pictures of me coercing my baby to kiss me.

He calls the picture below my "never been kissed" look. He said I was smiling so deliriously like it's the first time I'm being kissed. Well, it is true! It's the first time my baby girl is "kissing" me.

Here's a sweeter picture although I think my darling baby does not look very impressed at having to kiss her mummy. She looks like she's saying.... "oh, ok mummy, if it would make you happy, here's a kiss..." :p

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