Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Almost an "upward facing dog" yoga pose?

My little girl is growing faster and faster by the day. She has now learnt to push her chest up while on her belly... a somewhat "upward facing dog" yoga pose. She was having a good time doing it to impress both her papa and I. We were clapping and cheering her on everytime she did it and it made her laugh so hard too.

Look Mummy! Look what I can do!

What did you say papa? I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention. Oh, papa! I'm glad that you are very proud of me! I do try my best.

And with her growing up, she is also starting to have little "tantrums" once in a while. I can no longer just leave her by herself for too long before she starts complaining. She would make noises that seems to sound like "maaaaa..... maaaa....." Of course her papa would say that I am imagining things.

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