Tuesday, May 29, 2007

14 months old and her language repertoire.

My little pie is becoming quite the little chatterbox. She talks a lot though we might not understand most of it. I try my best to speak to her using complete short sentences as much as possible. At the same time, I tell her about things that she see or name the objects whenever I can. I also use baby sign language with her for words that may be too complicated. And of course, I communicate with her in English (only) and Etienne would use French. There are times we might slip (I would include some French words in my sentences and he would use some English words when he speaks to her) but we do our best to keep to a "one person one language" thing.

The caregivers in the halte garderie (daycare) tell me that Laetitia loves recounting stories (their sweet way for saying that she loves to verbalise) and would sometimes whisper! Yes, we do that at home as a game, whispering.

So, here's her verbal repertoire.
PAPA - favourite word, repeated all the time thoughout the day. Declared loudly when her papa comes home from work.
MAMA - Used once in a while during the day. Sometimes she would look at me and say ever so sweetly "mama"
PAPOU - Said often when she was at my inlaws. That's how she calls her grandpa.
MAMOU - Once in a while when we repeat it to her
NANA - Short for banana. She loves this fruit.
NAINAI - Milk. Sounds like the chinese word for milk which I was using (bad mummy did not keep to the one person one language rule)
TER TER - Water but she seldoms use it.
BAIN - French for bath
PAIN - French for bread
MUM MUM - food

And her Baby sign repertoire.
Bye/Hello (same hand action)
No more/All done

I guess that's about all for now (or at least what I can remember). :)

I have been doing more shopping for Laetitia! Someone HAS to stop me. The summer sale is not even here yet!

So, more new shoes! A pair of Timberland

Some new summery clothes

We're all READY for summer. Now we just need the weather to cooperate!

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