Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Enjoying her time at her grandparents.

My sweetie pie has been staying in Carqueiranne with my parents in law since we left last Saturday. She will be there for a few more days. I'll pick her up this coming Friday afternoon. It's going to be a nice long journey for me. Four hours there and another four hours back.

She has been spending a wonderful time with her grandparents. She gets to go to the beach almost everyday, takes nice morning walks, chases after the cat and basically have jolly good fun. We have been getting "briefs" and photos daily on our little darling from Mamou. We try to do video-conferencing every day and it's so much fun seeing my little puupet. I miss her and at the same time, I enjoy having this time of freedom.

This is one of the photos we received this evening. It made me laugh out loud.

"Bye Mamou! I'm going to go to the office."

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